Why Should You Participate?

On the fence about joining in for this year’s Wine Tourism Day? Don’t fret, here’s a few reasons on why you should participate:

  • It’s Good for the Industry Wine Tourism Day is an excellent opportunity to promote the concept of wine tourism. Let’s work together to get people thinking about visiting wine regions rather than traveling to the beach or an amusement park.
  • It’s Good for You Having an event at your business is a great way to get people to know you and to sell your wine or fill your tables or beds. Wine Tourism Day can become a much-anticipated annual event that boosts your bottom line.
  • It’s Good for Your Community With this year’s event organizers focusing on donating their earnings for that day to a charity or non-profit of their choice, your organization has the chance to truly pay it forward and give back to your community, however you see fit.
  • It’s Your Event You control all the decisions about your event, such as setting event hours and deciding if there is a charge for participation. Big or small, simple or sophisticated- you design the Wine Tourism Day event that works best for you.

Are you a Wine Association, DMO, or CVB?  Check out more information on how you can participate.