Finger Lakes Region as a Success Story

Success of Wine Tourism Day is contingent on wineries and wine-related businesses creating and uploading events for that day. And the success of an individual region depends on whether that region’s wineries and businesses participate. Otherwise, you’ll have consumers in your area searching for but not finding events.

Rather than just sending out information about Wine Tourism Day to your area businesses, associations can be more successful by taking the lead. Here’s how one wine region, the Finger Lakes region in New York, encouraged its partners to participate in Wine Tourism Day in 2013:

1. Communication: Finger Lakes Wine Country Tourism, a regional tourism marketing agency, took on the task of making this a regional priority, emailing all their members, and encouraging participation.

2. Common Theme: The association agreed with its partners to donate all tasting room fees on May 11th to one of three regional food banks, to focus on wine and food pairings, and to offer wine education activities. These themes then united the region’s efforts.

3. Exposure: The association then created and sent out a press release, contacted other businesses in its area, and sent multiple communications to its members asking them to participate.

The ultimate result was the Finger Lakes region had more exposure around Wine Tourism Day then any other region. So rather than just sending out information about Wine Tourism Day to your members, please consider encouraging them to participate by coming up with your own regional themes or guidelines. The more participation in your region, the more exposure you get!